The HCG diet has proven itself time and time again to users everywhere. People are continuously using this natural diet plan to lose weight and keep it off and spreading the word while they’re at it. With this great all natural formula and no side effects combined with shocking weight loss results this product is an all around success. Ultra HCG is a breakthrough formula of the homeopathic HCG, which are drops that are simply placed under the tongue 30 minutes before meals, and work to actually reprogram your digestive system and metabolism.

HCG is actually a natural hormone found in a woman’s body during pregnancy. Now how much more safe can you get than a pregnancy hormone? This product has no known side effects and will effectively reduce your hunger, increase energy, boost metabolism, and allow your body to burn fat while more efficiently utilizing the few calories you eat. Many people ask, “Won’t I be hungry if I eat only the 500 calories you are allowed on this diet every day?”

The answer is no. When you take these drops you are programming your metabolism and digestive system to effectively use these calories so that you don’t need any more. Plus, one of the most exciting parts of this diet, you are not allowed to work out. During the HCG diet you are not allowed to exercise. They recommend you do not do more than the normal house work or walking your dog. If you have a job that requires more physical activity than normal then it is advised that you increase the calorie intake accordingly.

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